We build Web Applications

That's it, we develop web applications. Well, it usually starts with the discussion of your idea and needs, followed by a rough estimation, and a (virtual) hand shake. Then we start coding, and releasing your application in small iterations, listening to your feedback until you decide it is finished.

These are some of the latest projects we have developed...


  • Ruby on Rails 4.0
  • Mobile First
  • Zurb Foundation 4.0
  • Highcharts JS 3.0
  • Active Admin


Deploy customer and employee surveys, receive feedback, and analyze results. All in 60 seconds or less! Delight your customers and engage employees with real-time answers. From the palm of your hand you can deploy surveys, view snack-sized analytics, and respond to customer or employee concerns immediately!


Pickista is a fun and simple way to ask a question. A visual poll that lets you get the answers you need, when you need them, from the people you trust. Using images to explain your dilemma in a nutshell, you can send your question to your most trusted advisors from anywhere on the web. With lightning-quick speed, we’ll tally their votes (or “picks”) for your perusal.


  • SPA: Single Page Application
  • Spine.js 1.0.8
  • CoffeeScript
  • Ruby on Rails 3.2.11
  • Twitter Boostrap 2
  • Heroku


  • Ruby On Rails 3.1
  • Handcrafted CSS
  • Full Calendar 15.2
    (jQuery plugin)
  • A ton of JavaScript
  • Heroku

Parenting Bridge

What is it? A set of nline tools to help parents sharing custody to coordinate events and efficiently communicate need-to-know information regarding the children. Who is it for? For parents sharing custody of children due to divorce, separation, shared/joint custody, blended families and long distance parenting.


In the year 2007 we developed a custom solution to fully manage call centers, based on Ruby On Rails and Asterisk (An Open Source telephony switching and private branch exchange service for Linux) it has been successfully deployed in different customer locations.


  • Ruby On Rails 3.1
  • Asterisk 1.6
  • IBM Series X3650 Blade
  • Open VPN
  • Sophos UTM220